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I did not write this but saw this post and comments on she’s a home wrecker along with a few other websites and wanted to share with others. I do not know for a fact this is true but from what I read on the post and comments I believe it. The posts states that this guy, Darren Highsmith, recently used some poor girl he met at bar. It also says that he made an inappropriate pass at her 14 year old daughter. The post and comments suggests this guy does drugs and drinks a lot as well as having some mental retardation issues. It states he uses girls a lot and might be a rapist. It also states he might be a thief as well. It states he has two daughters of his own who also has the same mental retardation issues and goes to a private school because of it. He has been scene at this school around children FYI. If you are a parent there I would be very concerned. It states he is supper obsessed with his ex-wife. It states he works at Global Data Technologies. His name is also William Darren Highsmith as well as Darren Highsmith. This man currently resides in San Angelo TX and is originally from Kerrville TX. He loves disc golf and plays a lot in San Angelo TX. According to what was posted in the post and comments, he lies a lot. In the post he denies the post is true and tries to blame it on a girl who was supposedly stalking him. Her friends come to her defense after he tells her about post and he posts her name as well as threatens to post her texts and naked pictures only for the last 4 months on the post. He publicly names her as the cooperate. She acted accordingly and denied the accusations and apologized to him for anything she did wrong. She also kind of defended him. She, according to the post, cared about this guy and thought they were friends. Her friends also defended her saying he lied and it was not true. That she did not post the post. Her friends stated that Darren himself stated the picture used was a private picture, not posted anywhere, and only a few of his friends have it. Her friends have text dating back to last year of Darren and her conversations back and fourth talking about a lot of things and being friends that the girl screened shot and sent to them. They met on pof a dating ap. They talked about meeting up and probably did on New Years. It’s stated in the comments at no time did he say leave me alone. So he lied about her stalking. In fact it kind of sounds like he used her too. Used her for attention and who knows what else. He toyed her along, pretended to be her friend, and he blamed her for the post instead of taking any responsibility for it. Then it gets worse. Come to find out the girl he blamed wasn’t even in Texas at that date the post was made but was with her friends and boyfriend at the time in a place without internet. She couldn’t have done it. So he publicly humiliated her for nothing.

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