Corey Moore – Florida

This is Corey Moore, he works at Starbucks off Atlantic Ave and attends the University of Phoenix. His fat ass mother Marie works at Bed Bath & Beyond in Kissimmee and thinks hes a fucking angel and is in total denial. His father Richard aka DICK works at Siemens and is a homophobe and a bigot. Both of them are bible thumping idiot republicans that think their son can do no wrong. What they dont know is that Corey is a dirty camwhore that goes by the name “CumOnCorey”. He lets black thugs fuck him in the ass without condoms and he sucks them off during live public pornographic webcam shows on a site called ifcams to earn tips. He’s a real life cum dumpster and probably has AIDS and a gazillion other STDs from all that nigger dick. He’ll cheat on you with these random strangers while dating him so dont even bother! Please share and repost this on social media so all his friends, family, neighbors, and employers will know what a piece of shit he is.


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