Corey Gray – Louisiana

I was Corey Gray Lover. He is married for the second time to a real stupid woman but she deserves what she is getting. I was Corey’s lover while he was in prison for trying to kill his wife. He lied until I read the court records where he raped his wife with a gun to her head then tried to drag her to outside in the rain to bury her. He had me thinking that he was there by mistake but now I know better. He deserved to be there. His new wife was going to see him in jail the same time I was. He was dating her before he tried to kill his wife is what I found out. He is so dirty that he has no contact with his own kids Amber & Cohnor Gray he is so far behind on child support that those kids will be adults and will have checks for his grand kids to spend. He has a new lie he tells his wife that he has a job working out of town but he actually is spending days and weeks with other woman. He tells everyone that he cheats with that he is only married because she supported him while in jail. He is a loser with terrible credit, very dangerous, he a smooth talker, very good looking, but yet a true killer. He now lives in a little town in louisiana called Brusly. He is fro south Baton Rouge (Madison St.). His 1st wife was from Donaldsonville. She is one lucky soul she survived. He served time in jail from 2004-2009.


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