Carrie Weaver – Colorado

Carrie Weaver aka Carrot Lewellen from Parker, CO is a psycho stalker predator. She preys on employees and member who she meets at her job at Colorado Golf Club. She knew they are taken and starts calling, texting and sending sexy photos all while telling people they are all her soulmate. She sleeps around and lies about it while jeopardizing people’s health and only cares about herself. She’s a fat slob who’s had weight loss surgery and a tummy tuck and is getting payback on all the people who rejected her. What goes around comes around because all the weight is coming back and she’s fatter than ever. Her pictures are altered or from the face up because she knows what a disgusting pig she is. Don’t be fooled by her facade she preys on nice people who just feel sorry for her. If you see her run the other way, she’s sleeping around, doesn’t get tested and will do anything to take you man or woman.


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