Breanna Green – Texas

this over weight chalopa waste of lifes name is breanna green. She lives at home with her mom in some sh1tty apartments. apparently, she will talk shit and run her mouth about anybody doing better than her in life. She’s an instagram stalker to me and my family. She’s one of those people you completely brush off and hardly pay attention to when you meet because they are so crusty and irrelevant. After people reminding me, I vaguely remember she once weasled her way into my house one night after my brother was clubbing. He kicked her out shortly after. A few weeks later, I found out out she was sending paragraphs about me to my friends and family, practically narrating her perception on me and my life after her one measly encounter with me in my own home. Strange, due to the fact i was nothing but completely polite to her trashy desperate skank a55.


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