Angie Ambuske – West Virginia

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Angie Ambuske is still married after 19 years and still has one child in high school. She cheated with a married man who has young children in grade school. Angie Ambuske is 44 years old and currently lives in West Virginia and works for Citibank in Hagerstown MD.
She actually was cheating on our anniversary week.
She has left her own kids and husband and is not interested in even trying to work on the marriage at all even though the other married man supposedly doesn’t want anything to do with my cheating wife.
It’s ironic that my cheating wife, Angie Ambuske, always tought our girls that cheating when you’re married is one of the worse things that you can do. She always told them that once a cheater always a cheater. What a wonderful lesson she has tought our girls.

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