Andrew Chandler Abbott – Indiana

This person feeds off other including his own family. He commits rape by fraud in pretending to be hetrosexual not bisexual he looks like anything and anyone to feed his sexual financial desire New Tricks them into believing that they are a relationship together while he still continues to f*** his cousin and as many others as possible men and women the whole time convincing you tells you he wants to marry but his never ever meant it and makes you pay for everything so he doesn’t have it would be as Charming as can be the first month and after that he’s the devil little by little it says don’t understand why it’s happening he convinces you that you’re the one that’s crazy not here he’s good he believes all his lies he’s a total narcissist honeymoon syndrome where he has to go from one to the next he can’t be alone he’s been most of his life in jail he still does but claims he doesn’t but he doesn’t work and he does drugs continuously very abusive person do you contact all your friends and all your family and spread lies about you that are not true give me your co-workers that you’re doing something wrong trying to get you fired from your job when you ask questions and you find out what he’s doing what everyone is trying to f*** with you that’s what he does all day long everyday you’re the bad one that you were the crazy one and he’ll convince you that you are too I found out the hard way he left me for dead stole my Jeep when did and then contacting my job posted on the Facebook page that I suck d*** for weed this man has no moral compass and will do whatever he can to make your life miserable he is a killer do not trust this person his favorite little w**** in crime is Lisa Jackson Harding she would chase him all over and spread her legs and stick his d*** or her mouth begging him come back to her but she’s nasty and disgusting and he uses her but she doesn’t get it and his daughter also will be glad to lie for him and and beg you to come back to whatever you find out about it and she will rob you stay away from those people they are evil Brooke Chandler Abbott Indy Chandler a Lisa Jackson Harding Deb Everman the cousin he has incestuous sex with since he was 15. Is a meth head and so is daughter. Beware and everyone in his family will lie for him


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