Maddie (Mary) Johnson – Florida

Im Maddie (Mary) Johnson of West Palm Beach have been clean for over 8 months now. When I was high I use to steal alot from Walmart where I worked to pay for my addiction. I use to steal from my mothers purse when I use to visit and stole her credit card once to pay buy things for my dealer for my addiction. I blackmaled my sister susan to give me money 3 times or I would tell her husband Bill she had cheated on him. I broke in to my mothers neigbors house and stole a watch and necklace then pawned it for my addiction. I stole Karen Thomas’s (best friend) new iPhone and gave it to my dealer for my addiction. I then blamed it on Karen’s other friend Melissa. I pushed oral sex three different times on Dr. Ian Shtulman around his office ( shtultman family chiropractic ) just so I could extorted him for money by telling his wife Sasha who was pregnant at the time. I slashed the tires of my ex Brian’s car because he refused to give me more money for my addiction. I took my boyfriend’s father’s (Paul) gun out of his car then used it to rob 2 trap houses for my addiction. I use to shoplift about every store I entered for items my dealer wanted for my addiction. Forgive me and I am not the same person now and regret all I have done to hurt others close to me.


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