Kaleb C. Nielsen – Texas

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Kaleb Nielsen who also goes by “KC”, is 6’3 about 240 lbs, 43 years old, white, blue eyes, tattoos covering his back amd both arms, and works for Exxon Mobil in Spring Texas and lives in Spring as well. He drives a grey mustang and white F350. Just a warning to females, he will sweep you off your feet in the beginning however it only lasts until he gets what he wants. If you have children I would advise you not to get involved with Kaleb. He is currently on probation for solicitation of a prostitute on California and is a sex addict. He will lie to your face and cheat on you with your friends and anyone else, he is k own to sabotage his relationships when he has a good woman, however he can not be alone at the same time. KC also has all the traits of a narcissist, has a double life, goes on a lot of “Business trips” and will eventually hurt you by mentally abusing you. This man will lie, cheat, and use you until he destroys you and then he will kick you to the curb and move on to the next one. He has children, some that he will not even acknowledge. Just a warning if you meet him just move on because you will eventually get hurt.

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