Julson John – Bahamas

Julson John Jean Titus JJ. 242.456.3158. All aliases for a disturbed individual that plans his love connections just weeks part. He lives in the bahams, from Abaco, living rit h er in Bimini or Nassau. He preys on older women, usually white. Tells you he is stuck in the Bahamas due to a dispute with a Nassau police officerand can’t leave with passport for 7 years. Always needs money for something: money to come to the states illegally to be with you, or money to push getting his passport through in the Bahamas, or money to get to Higher Ground in the latest hurricane or money for a cell phone or money for a car or money to eat. Meanwhile, he is telling other women the same thing wanting to have children with you wanting to get married talking about having a life together and he already has a child and tells several women the same thing. He begs you to come and visit him for two weeks in February and then asks another woman to visit him the last two weeks in February and another woman for the first two weeks in March and then another woman the third week in March and he has this whole racket going I call it the timeshare gigolo. She lies to one woman and says that he’s broken up with so and so and he uses just enough facts to make it sound real and all the while he’s carrying on long-term relationships with several women and passing venereal diseases because he doesn’t like to use condoms because he wants you to get pregnant. There is no doubt that he is blackmailing people for money. He is 25 and readable good looks. Conto freak and seems to care but he definitely knows how to manipulate the situation to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong when really it’s all about him he tries to get you to believe that you don’t understand what’s really going on. Oh yes and he loves the polo clothes and the first Sachi colognes and the Ray Bans old name brands but he’ll never have money for anything and you can bet if he does he got the money from another woman with one of his stories so that he could use it to build up his story with you. He is a fraud gives a bad name to the Bahamian people.


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