Erica Berry Hollis – Maine

Erica Berry is a homewrecker to the utmost. She started sleeping with the married coach of her sons football team who’s son was also on the team. She’s cheated on her husband before with a coworker who had a baby on the way. She has no remorse for anything she does.
What goes around comes around though because her married boyfriend gets with his wife all the time behind her back. He tells his wife how much prettier she is and how much better her body is than this downgrades. Erica had 30 pages of screenshots proving she’s being cheated on dropped off at her door and didn’t care. She’s so desperate and knows she isn’t shit, so she pretends her married boyfriend actually likes her when she obviously doesn’t do it 100% for him. At least she actually deserves to be cheated on. Is it even really cheating if he’s married to the woman he’s doing it with? Erica, everyone has seen all of these. I know you’ve seen them too. You think that’s really not his Snapchat? You’re dumb and everyone knows it and laughs at you and how much you deserve this.


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