Christine Sooley – Las Vegas, Nevada

This old chick is sick in the head over 40 years old still acting as young as her daughter. She’s all over dating sites looking for the next chump to buy her alcohol or smoke some crack. She literally has a new man every night and loves her sex bareback so if you’re pounding her pu55y be sure to use a rubber or risk having it fall. She uses anyone she can even her daughters friends. Its funny her own “friends” and supposed best friend Connie make fun of her behind her back that plenty of fish in the puddle has a 6 degree sense of separation for guys that have already fuked her. She smokes so much crack her teeth are rotting out of her head and her adult children are embarrased by her.If her being a dirty drug user wasnt enough she steal non stop too. From people that trust her. I would tell her to seek therapy but its already too late for this old botch that loves this dirty life


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