Bishop Alonzo C.Moreland – Texas

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This is my lying cheating disrespectful abusive Womanizing husband Bishop Alonzo C.Moreland of C.O.G.I.C.U.S.A.INTERNATIONAL. He is from Union City Georgia but reside in Dallas,Texas with his wife but not for long. He is a Deceiver He preys on Woman in the church and Young girls he has a wrap sheet for dealing inappropriately with other woman while married and several cases of violence towards women. And May still be a Health Risk. He has Pages on Black People meet under “Business man” Plenty of fish under “Shawtylo 01” Instagram,Twitter Youtube, Facebook “Alonzo Moreland” and one under Bishop Alonzo Moreland.I have filed for Divorce. This is not to SLANDER him. But he is not living Godly at all. Atlanta Georgia and Dallas Tx Take Heed please.

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