Angie Cantu – Texas

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Angie Cantu is a piece of trash! She works near Kenedy TX and actually approached my husband at a gas station! Women like her KNOW a lot of these guys are weak! They are away from their wives and families and sometimes they just fall prey! My husband is a good man! He made a horrible mistake in falling for this trap! She tried to teach him how he could HIDE what he was doing! Showed him how to use apps he knew nothing about and even tried to send him pictures! He came home feeling HORRIBLE! It took him 3 days to tell me the truth! But he did! He broke down and begged me to forgive him! We have a beautiful family! We have worked hard to heal after this horrible thing! But this woman is still up to her tricks and still preying on married men! She knew he was married! But she thought she might could get ahold of a fat paycheck! She had no clue what she wasn’t up against! Her fat trashy self is no match for me and my family! She even stoooped so low as to send me a text outlining details of what she did to and with my husband! Laughed about it!

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