Andre Selvarajah – England

Andre selvarajah from Southend on sea is cheating on 5 girls all at once. Liz, Diana, Kate. Andre is a compolsive liar and cheater. He tells people he loves them and he don’t care about anyone but himself. He even goes abroad to cheat to ie Spain,with a married woman and she has a three month old baby girl which I believe is his. Andre will rather spend time with his girlfriend children than his own. Andre has a dirty untidy flat with mice running around everywhere he is in over 50k of debt. Andre with either find his pray on Facebook or in a club why she is drunk and he will take you home with him. He gets bored quick and will use you for sex, he has a tiny p**** and is s*** a sex. Andre is addicted to porn and owns his very own rubber v*****. Andre will splash his cash to make you like him. On Valentine’s Day he will by recieve a lot of text from girls. Andre has a daughter and a baby mum who he spends most of his time with her and his daughter. He cheated on her too. Andre is a very self centred vain selfish small man who acts really feminin. Andre got caught today messaging a girl and sleeping with another lying to her what he was doing. Never believe anything he says. I feel sorry for every girl he get with. Andre love to drink. Andre has issues and don’t trust him. The mans a looser he has slept with most of the girls in Southend


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