Vincent McManus – Long Beach – California

PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, CHEATER AND THIEF. Vincent McManus of Long Beach California is a compulsive liar, cheater, sex addict and thief. He is a member of AA and quit drinking many years ago but compensates by his addiction to sex and stealing. He can be charming and engaging, saying exactly what you want or need to hear. But he is a sociopath with out remorse for who he hurts along the way. He cheated on both of his wives while comparing himself to a “saint”. He filled both of their houses and garages with stolen tools from construction job sites. He is also a member of many sex sites including, and where you can engage in sex with neighbors both married and single. If you meet this man, run the other direction. He is also a compulsive gambler and may be found at local casinos. He is not the man he appears to present himself as. Steer clear of this man.


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