Talie Dang-Lu – California

I met Talie Dang-Lu from Los Angeles on Tinder thinking she would be up for hanging out perhaps leading to a meaningful relationship. She says she works at VMware. On our first face-to-face meeting, Talie Dang-Lu and I got fully intimate after which she demanded I pay her in cash, which was rather odd. On our second meeting, same thing but this time Talie Dang-Lu wanted me to pay her more money if I wanted to do it the raw and if I wanted to do a “Greek Style” backdoor entry. Foolishly enough, I did it without any protection for extra $$$. I had my male friend “meet Talie Dang-Lu on Tinder”, and guess what? Same thing! It is safe to say that Talie Dang-Lu uses Tinder as an alternate to Seeking Arrangements while fooling hordes of men with the enticement of a relationship.


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