Samantha Dawn – Oregon

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This women is the worst kind of woman in world. She has borderline personality disorder( her words) and is a violent. That works with a male felon scamming men.She is unable to tell the truth and drags her kids around dick hopping luring men by playing the victim. She claims to be a single mother that struggles taking care of her kids because the dad is a violent deadbeat. But truth is he pay child support, has no criminal record and she refuses to allow him visitation. I fell for her story and paid for her sons Christmas ($1700). We slept together multiple time. Out of no where she claimed she was getting back with kids dad and ended our relationship. Her oldest is named Jr. but this dude doesn’t share the same nor does her kids look anything like him at all. I was hurt because I really like her even though her kids were wild. So I googled the kids name and found his real dad on Facebook. I contacted him on messenger. That’s when I found the truth. She use to beaten him up multiple time front of the kids and his elderly father. While talking to this felon in prison in her home state. When he was released she took the kids and ran back to Oregon to be with this dude. Claiming to being a victim while her record says else wise. The felon pled out of selling minors meth and spent 6 years in prison. The kids dad hasn’t seen his kids in 3 years because of false accusations. Because of (even high for Oregon) child support he can’t afford a lawyer. 80% of his month income goes to her. I was a little skeptical at first but he sent a picture of his statement from child support inforcement and gave a list of 9 men’s phone numbers. 6 where he lives and 3 in Oregon. One of them was sleeping with her while I was seeing her. I called them all and they verify that she had slept and scammed them all with the same story of violents. My heart just dropped and depression set in. If you cross her she will ruin you. As she did to her kids father and many men. This a warning to all men. This women has no morals.

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