Ricky Randall – North Carolina

Ricky Randall Jr. Cheated on his fiancee 7 times within their 8 year relationship. Every time fiancee would catch him and confront him then excuse became if you hadn’t been snooping you wouldn’t have found anything or his fb or email got hacked. His fiancee finally woke up and left his stupid butt. He also is bisexual but thinks it’s on the downlow but his fiancee also found an ad he had placed on Craigslist for sex with a man then tried telling everyone that his fiancee told him to place the ad to spice up their sex life but if you are going to advertise to bring someone else into your bedroom then you are going to advertise with something different other than ” I am a bi curious male looking to explore sex with a man”. Thank God his fiancee got rid of him because she is a beautiful woman who deserves so much better. Another great thing is he no longer lives in NC and has moved to Kansas to be with one of his many flings.

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