Patrick Weissinger – Pennsylvania

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Cheated on his first first wife Denise Naphys,now married Denise Naphys – Kalogiros. She caught him cheating in a bar and beat him so bad he puked.They had a son Shane Weissinger who he denies and ignores. Shane is older that his current conquest girlfriend. Then she divorced him after she found out about his last affair , which he ended up marrying.
Patrick started cheating on his second wife not long after she got pregnant with there first child.Using Hickey to meet new girls and as an excuse to be away from home.His cheating never ended, among the many affairs were ( this is just a few) Mandy ( Amanda ) Davenport,Jenn Forsyth- Blokzyl,Shannon Bourque,Kris Bower Godshall and his current ( Troll ) MacKenzie Lynn Fit . Many were flings he found from hockey while others were ones that he met at his work place.

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