Melissa John – Addison, Texas

Melissa John has been “low key” messing with my husband for two years. To ensure they can speak freely, she has purchased numerous Metro PCS phones (after getting mad and turning them off) so they can talk and meet every week. She pays for his second hidden phone bill and gives him money. She will pay for hotel rooms for them to be together and have sex with him in alleys, behind buildings wherever they can. I have tried to speak to this former prostitute (her words not mine) but she’s scary and hangs up. My “husband” and I have four small children which I am left with while he runs around town with this whore. She is ok with the thought that he lives with me and is waiting on him to leave (which I have gladly shown him to door to leave and be with her and he doesn’t) I have asked them to stop but they won’t so now this is just the beginning…


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