Lyntrel Smith — Los Angeles, California

Lyntrel Smith is a liar. He has his master’s degree but because of a previous domestic violence incident can’t use it. I just found out from his baby Mama’s friend – yes, first baby mama. This f**kboi lays down babies like cockroaches. – that he has a previous domestic violence charge from his first baby mama. She found out that he was having an inappropriate relationship with a student at the school where he was teaching. She confronted him about it and he grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the ground. When she called the cops he fled the state. So ladies beware. He now works as a personal trainer because he can’t use his graduate degree. Is that not the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard. He cheated on his second baby momma who let him live with her when he got kicked out by the first baby mama. He impregnated her and then broke up with her because he said she was fat. He just uses women. He’s now f*cking Klay Thompson’s cousin. She’s also a fat nasty wh*re. He’s shacking up with her because he has to make to child support payments plus rumor has it he has another domestic abuse charge against him here in California.


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