Kira J. Moore – Meeks – Dover, Florida

This woman is pretty low as is the man she had the affair with. My best friend is married to the man that she pursued. My friend and their children were living separately due to marital issues that they had (her husband had explosive anger and was a habitual liar)…during this time my friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and starts fighting for her life. Chemo, multiple surgeries and radiation. Her husband pretended to be a changed man and they were working on their marriage. They still spent holidays together, weekends, anniversary etc. This woman works in his office where there are multiple pictures of his wife and family up on his desk. She also knows that he has been using FMLA at work to care for his sick wife. Flash forward my friend finds videos of them masturbating and nude pictures on their daughters tablet (the husband backed his google pictures up…which were linked to the tablet). She confronts her husband and finds out they’ve been having sex and an affair for months. She tries to reach out to the woman but she is blocked because she is too much of a coward to face what she has done. She claims to be a christian yet she is sleeping with a married man (while she is still married herself). She is also taking money away from the kids who need it…she has no remorse. Nor does she have any true idea what she is getting herself into. My poor friend has been so sick since all of this has happened. Hope it was worth it to Kira to get some $*@&. Hopefully her husband has left her and isn’t also blinded by this. Karma will come back around.


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