Kara Oliver Morris — Corunna, Michigan

Kara Oliver keeps trying to break up a marriage where the wife and husband have been together for 15 years. They have a young daughter they are trying to raise together And this woman will not stop! The husband and her were caught having an affair and he has since been trying to reconcile with his wife. Meanwhile this woman still pursues a relationship with him knowing she is destroying people. No morals whatsoever! She even has two young daughters herself but does not care to show them what a good person is….she was cheating on their dad with the other man too! I’m sure from his perspective The best part is she is like his slave. Does everything he asks or whatever he wants… very meek with no backbone. She’s portrayed herself to be such an innocent, wonderful woman that is an amazing mom. But would innocent and wonderful have no morals? Also, I wonder who watches her children on ALL of the nights she spent with the married man???


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