Joel J. Gomez — Springfield, Vermont

Joel J. Gomez said he wasn’t happy, but he couldn’t lose his daughter, who at the time, was a baby. The married woman he pursued and relentlessly harassed, (he was a family friend for 20 years) was stupid to trust him, but she did. She gave in on a day she begged to just talk. It was the anniversary of her being raped in the back of a car. He still pressured her, and when she gave in, in the back of a car… emotional trauma, messed up for her the 30 seconds it lasted. He dropped her back off at her own car and said, “get out, just get out.”). He continued telling her he loved her and that her husband didn’t appreciate her. He used every line to get what he wanted. When his wife found email conversations, she confronted him and he blamed the woman he had been with so she was harassed and treated like a w**** and was the one that was to blame by his wife and family. The woman ended up so damaged and destroyed, breaking every part of her soul that was moral.


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