Joanna Kemmeren – Illinois

I left my girlfriend of 3 months to be with Joanna Kemmeren. She told me she wasn’t seeing others. One night she fell asleep and her phone was going off. I checked it and was messages from a Trent Wieties. from the messages, they have been sleeping together for a while as messages go back over 10 months and had met up as recent as 2 weeks ago – and this guy is Married. She even knows it and still has unprotected sex with him. They think it funny to screw with people and lie they laugh about it in these messages. They send each other nude photos and each drive 2 hrs each way and meet up at dirty cheap hotels. They both are prison guards and have no morals. Can’t believe wasted 5 months with this fake and hypocrite. I wonder how many other people they are doing this to.

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