Jeremy Fourhorns – Las Vegas, Nevada

Chief Jeremy Fourhorns won the Piapot Elections thanks to vote buying. The Chief and his newly elected council handed out cheques and cash to bandmembers to vote for him and his favourite councilmembers: Mark Fox, Ira Lavallee, George Toto, Harold kaiswatum, Miranda kaiswatum, Tyson kaiswatum, Marilyn Kaiswatum, Jason Wesaquate. Jeremy is a womanizer who cheats on his wife with the band staff. On june 30 at his BBQ Jeremy was handing cheques and when the cheques ran out Jeremy started handing out cash for votes. Mark fox is a asking for a Federal pardon and is also cheating on his wife with is ex Heather Bear, Marks wife is also sleeping with her ex husband who was seen driving around Regina.

Ira is currently facing Provincial charges for harassing his ex-wife and shouldn’t even be in council. Harold (Bob) kaiswatum is also a womanizer who has been carrying on a long time affair with the Janitor of the school. George Toto should be in jail for his skeletons, he should not even be around the most vulnerable people. He’s a total creep. The vote buying by Chief Jeremy Fourhorns will continue spending band funds on his homes, cars, women and votes, while the band debt is 11 million dollars.


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