Jackie Messer – Florida

Jackie Messer is a 21 year old homewrecker who loves nothing more than to beg men of all ages for sex, and especially loves going after taken or married men. I can’t tell you how many of my friends have had problems with her. Oh, but she doesn’t just seduce married men, if they say no to her advances, she does anything she can to break them up from their wives and girlfriends, lying, flirting in front of them, even coming to their homes. She even does this to GAY couples when she wants one of them. She’s despicable.Jackie Messer lives in Ormond Beach, Florida, so watch out for her! She’s also known to stalk around Orlando, Florida.This woman is desperate for approval. She lies about who her boyfriends are all the time, and she’s a homophobe, despite hitting on gay men.


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