Clayton Easley, Centennial, Colorado

How could such a sweet sincere guy end up on this site ? It must be because the person writing it is crazy right?! I’m sure that’s what he will tell you and that he was honest and upfront from the beginning but that’s not the full truth.
Right from the start I should have walked away and I did try as soon as he informed me he was still living with his ex fiancé but he assured me he was looking for a place, it took him four months to find one then another month to actually move out and in that time we had been hanging out/ sleeping together but he would disappear for hours at a time usually 5 to 10 pm which is when his ex would go to bed, funny how that works but he told me he was with his mom and she didn’t like cell phones being on. This disappearing act would continue through out the 18 months we dated. It wouldn’t be until the end that I’d find out he was still seeing her too. I had questioned him on this numerous times through out and he would tell me I’m crazy for thinking such things and that’s not what was going on. He was charming and nice so I believed him each time because of how sincere he seemed to be but now I realize it was just him trying to keep me happy so she wouldn’t find out, what kind of nice guy does that to another person he supposedly cared about ? His ex was the one who contacted me and asked me about the two of us and he had basically told her I was crazy and making it up so the two of them made me the bad guy, all the whole he still claimed to be a good guy, but I don’t know many good guys who are selfish enough to put someone down they supposedly cared about to save his own a** with a girl he told me not to worry about.


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