Bailey Ngatai – New Zealand

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Bailey (he also uses the name Bailey Harnett, amongst others) is not only a cheater, liar, narcissistic manipulator, and all round selfish git, but he also thinks so highly of himself that he cannot see (or refuses to believe) that he’s terrible at all of the above.
He will have no qualms in seeking out others to date while seeing you, and usually has several flimsy excuses lined up for his dodgy behaviour.
A law unto himself, he will use dating apps, websites, the people you know &etc, to get whatever he wants, when he wants it.
Largely, what he most wants is attention, and he has the attention span and integrity of a revolving door.
Be prepared to never receive straight answers to even the most simple of questions, along with outright lies (even in the face of incontrovertible evidence; THAT is how feckless and reckless he is).
Be prepared for a plethora of sob stories that seem impossible to believe because, you guessed it, they’re not true. The complete crock that he spouts about abusive exes, being “the head if the family”, and how he works so hard is all tosh.
He is a vainglorious mercenary who will use whoever he can ensnare while giving nothing back, made all the worse by his constant denial of admitting that he’s done any such wrong; he tries to use gaslighting techniques, but has only so far managed to get as far as the ‘burden of proof’ arguments (which are easily countered with either the same techniques, or solid evidence).

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