Veny Keovorabouth – North Carolina

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Veny Keovorabouth is a liar and a cheater. He’s not a man but a dog just looking for a free ride.. make gigaho/gold digger yes that’s right but maybe I should say dope digger enstead. He goes after anything he can get and I mean any woman. He has no standards, no respect, no morals! He’s selfish, greedy, and a sore loser. He tries to compete with you if you’re intimidating. Hence he can’t handle a real woman so he goes after the weak bitches., cuz he can easily manipulate them, and once he gets them they ducks them dry of everything they got.. he will mental drain you. If you encounter this guy beware if he finds you of interest he will stalk you till he gets you. It’s best to not acknowledge him cuz he’s a attention white. So being “friendly” casually he will think you want him n go after you. It’s a game to him he thinks he’s gods gift to this earth n that he’s the best in bed or that his dick is gold. Pfft many men out there ladies, men that got jobs and are genuine and loyal. He will make you believe he loves you but will have the balls to sneak another bitch in your house n fuck them while you sleep,shower,go out..etc etc he has too many side shores he can’t let go. So don’t be his next victim! He lived with me over a year and only gave me 700 the whole entire time. I struggled and went thru my savings. I’m a single mother with 4 kids. He obviously has no conscious. After months of lying to me I finally recorded it on video. He couldn’t do shift but leave. Btw he will use this excuse to go cheat.. he has to go to work out of town. Puhaha his game is weak n his lies weaker. Tall handsome asian from Laos/Thai guy with a cleft lip.

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