Seth Wayne Hartman JR – California

This user will talk your face off , he is trained to talk anyone into or out of anything. He will want to live rent free, have you pay for everything then he will start arguments for a reason to move onto the next woman.
He has moved over 26 times in four years. He leeches off his daughter ( who enables him btw) finds a female then moves out into your home, being he has no home or car, use your car, use your home, and use you. Don’t believe the sweet talk , save yourself and walk away slowly- being he has a temper and stalks you if he doesn’t get his way- let him down slowly.
He is a former CHP officer but, he is an angry at life fake fraud sweet guy. He has a huge issue with woman, all women. He also has severe erecticle dysfunction. He can’t have sex, we all think ( all his exes) this is his main problem. He is unable to have a normal sex life and he will blame it all on you. It’s not you. It’s him. He wants you to be his who** all night and his slave all day.


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