Preston Frank – California

Preston goes by many names: Preston Frank, Preston Moudy, Preston Frank Edward Moudy, P.F.Moudy, Praetorian, Spartan, General… The list goes on and on.

If you encounter this man I highly suggest you run. Preston is the text book definition of narcissist; He is two faced through and through, lies effortlessly, and has created so many secret lives that he can’t keep any of them straight. He’ll tell you how he’s been married once or twice, how his wives are out to get him and keep his kids away from him. In reality he’s been married three times — Is currently married— has 5 children that he has nothing to do with —by choice— he’s been arrested 30-something times, is currently on probation for two felonies and just got his GPS monitor off because he was deemed a safety risk to his pregnant wife. He’s been arrested for domestic violence against two different women in two different states on top of arrests for stalking, false imprisonment, burglary, battery, cruelty to a child and contempt… But of course he’ll tell you none of them were his fault, it was either because of the TBI, PTSD or just a vindictive wife… But he’ll tell you this with such certainty, while looking you dead in the eyes, that you’ll believe him.


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