Pamela Guevara — Santa Clarita, California

I’m posting this because Pam had affairs with my husband and my friends husband. Our husbands worked at Kmart last year and she was messing with both of them. I became suspicious when my friend told me what was happening with her husband. I talked to my man about it and he denied it and talked about how wrong it was and insisted that he was working early shifts because the store was closing and there was a lot of work to do. A couple months later I found out he was doing it too. She was messaging him on insta telling him she misses him. This w**** was f***ing two men in the same store tht we know of. Who knows how many others. Obviously she likes to have married men. She probably likes to have any man for that matter. Idk but watch out for this one. If you ever see her working at the same please or being in the same place as your man at all- WATCH OUT-those legs are definitely going to open.


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