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NICK ROSELLI, egg harbor township , NJ Cheater, liar , commitment phobic, enmeshed with his mother and a covert narcissist. In my opinion from dating this almost 54 year old , engineer from Egg Harbor Township NJ, he was at best a education in who not to date and at worst a man who covers up his true self , manipulates , lies , cheates and when your head is spinning and you don’t know what to believe blames you for being suspicious and crazy. Your caught on a merry go round not knowing when to get off. You make excuses for him , because there is just enough he does to keep you there and always hoping. You want yo believe he cares for you just has a hard time showing it , but you will finally realize the only people he can ever care about is himself and his Mom. There connection is too close. She constantly calls him and he always picks up. No matter what.

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