Morgan Bright – Australia

Hi, my name is jaimi and I’m 29 years old. I was with my fiancé/best friend/soul mate Mitchell for 9.5 years. We share 3 beautiful children together. Our relationship was pretty normal… we weren’t perfect. We argued.. but we loved each other. We had some really great years together and some really sh1tty ones but I knew he was it for me. He was my forever. Long story short.. Mitch started working a lot later than usual.. in his line of work it wasn’t uncommon but was strange to me as he would always call or text me whilst at work.. turns out he was having sex with his bosses 22 year old daughter Morgan. She knew he was in a relationship with me as her dad had warned her that he was in a relationship. She still decided it was ok to pursue a practically married man. Little did she know he was cheating on her with one of her horse riding friends Whitney hurst. She also knew he was in a relationship with me and still thought it was ok to pursue a married man who has 3 children. I confronted them both.. they both lied to my face and said they were only friends. I eventually hacked into my ex fiancés snap chat and found all the evidence I needed. My ex threw away 9.5 years for a fling with a 22 year old who cheated on him when she found out he cheated on her… and is now in a relationship with Whitney hurst whose an absolute cvnt of a thing. She’s 33 years old… young blokes are her thing.. Mitch is 26.. Whitney’s last fiancé was 16 when she was 26 and they were engaged for 7 years…. disgusting. Whitney is very jealous and spiteful of me… she hates that I share history with Mitchell and have three children to him. She has forbidden him from seeing his children for the last 3 months. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to get a restraining order on my ex because she has turned him into such a nut case. These two woman tore apart my family. They stole my fiancé from me. This happened in august 2019 on our daughters 6th birthday. I was so heart broken. I didn’t get out of bed for weeks and I cried every day. I never thought the pain in my heart would ever go away. What happened to girl code? What happened to faithfulness? I am still beyond broken. But I’ll never ever show it. Not to them.


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