Migueltheman The Cheater – Georgia

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This boy is a cheater, can’t call him a man since he has deceived many woman. He is on many dating sites luring woman of whom I am one he has deceived. He pretends to want a relationship with you just to get sex from you. He will cater and do whatever it takes to get you to his home in Lithonia, Ga. I was with him for a few months and notice he doesn’t want to be contacted by phone but by text, but in the beginning he will call. He will text you good morning beautiful or sexy when he is available for a booty call, knowing he has already done the same to another female before you or will after you. He is constantly on the dating sites seeking more women to invite over each day. He lies about his age on each dating site that he is on, saying he is 44 but he is a little over 50. He is heavily into porn and has a sexual addiction. Don’t let the fake caring personality fool you. Don’t trust him around your girlfriends or daughters!! He is a post office worker from what he says and does a/c work also and the a/c job in the summer is a excuse for him to use when he is trying to avoid you to be with another woman.

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