Maggie Doerkson – Saskatchewan

Maggie Doerkson is an old cow past her prime looking for affection from other women’s husbands. She persues men who are weak and vulnerable. She will drive into the city to buy groceries and give blowjobs in parking lots. Classy gal. Not sure what she gets out of that scenario. My ex said it always surprised him when he saw her in the daylight cause she looked old and wrinkled. She’d tell her husband she was going for a “walk” at 10pm – get picked up for backseat sex down a dark lane/unused road. So for all you guys out there who like to get banged by older gals here is her number [REDACTED] I’m sure you won’t have trouble hooking up. Just show her some attention by saying ya miss her, sext with her to lead her on and tell her what she wants to hear and she will fuk you on your car, in an office, hotel room at her employer’s expense of course, and of course bl0wjobs. Her name should be Good Time Charlie cause she tells you she gets lots of c0ck from her husband but no attention. Come on boys – throw her a bone and this old dog will service you quick.!


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