Lynzi Alden — Binghamton, New York

Lynzi Alden blackmailed my brother in law after he tried to stop their communication. Demanded he sleep with her or she would tell his wife everything. My brother in law took a polygraph and passed with flying colors (I was shocked since usually the man is always to blame) this girl forced herself onto my brother and demanded he make her happy. This was a long distance relationship since she lives 3,000 miles away and he only saw her 2 times after meeting her. Only Sleeping with her on the last business trip because it was either that or she tells my sister everything. What type of girl blackmails a husband and a father. A desperate one who works at Applebee’s and still lives with her parents, that’s who. My brother-in-law is a coward for not coming clean like he should have, especially since it wasn’t anything sexual until she took advantage of him and threatened him, but this psycho POS wanted to ruin someone’s life like she ruined hers. I guess that’s what happens with you have a low IQ and terrible self esteem. You go after married men with kids. The sad thing is, per the test and my brother, he was honest about him being married from the beginning and she, having no moral compass, was okay with it. There is so much more and she is so much worse but that’s for her to think about for the rest of her miserable pathetic Home Wrecking life. She ended up telling my sister about their affair and fabricating everything that she didn’t have viable proof of while my brother in law was on the flight back home. Lynzi loser Alden, I hope karma finds you and takes away whatever sliver of happiness you thought you had.


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