Kira Johnson — Rockford, Illinois

This woman Kira Johnson is definatly a sociopath. The woman does her best to destroy everything around her. My family has been dealing with her just by the fact my friend and my sisters brother-in-law had children with this woman. Now she does EVERYTHING in her power to try and control him. Including taking away his kids when all he wants to do is be a great dad to them. The kids hate her, and so does everyone else. She is tearing people apart and all she does is lie and twist words to pitch people against each other, and if she doesn’t get her way… she loses it. She’ll do everything in her power to exact revenge. Has four kids now that she doesn’t even care about, she would much rather go parting. This woman is deadly, and a sociopath. She will burn everything down around her then cry that she’s getting burned by the flames.


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