Jiny Angel/Valerie — South Windsor, Conneticut

If anyone who is in the South Windsor, CT come across this “person”. Keep your man/spouse/significant other/boyfriend from her. Jiny Angel is all about herself and doesn’t care who is involved. She knows my husband has a wife and 3 children but apparently doesn’t care… they spend days and nights chit chatting or even after work. The reason I haven’t come across her bc I am in CO while my husband is in CT for work. Phone logs and tell differently. He is the manager of the salon she works at so God knows what happens after work. I came back to CO during Labor day week. Within a week of me being gone, he hires her and a week after they start up the conversations. Almost 2 weeks after I’m gone he “breaks up” with me. How do you break up with your wife? Not understanding it. Besides the physical distance we are no longer on speaking terms to each other. He also doesn’t speak to his children on a daily as before. I don’t know what she’s got on him but I do wish him a life of blissfulness because she doesn’t want anything else but money. Someone to support her and her son. From what I have gathered she is still married herself… karma will come back around and kick both of them in the ass.


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