Jake Fehrle – New Jersey

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He knocked me up on New Years, I didn’t realize I was pregnant until the end of January. We were dating- so it was a no brainer that I told him and we discussed our options. I’m infertile, so I wanted to keep it- doctor confirmed, it would be irresponsible of me to abort this kid because I likely won’t get the opportunity in the future. So I told him that, and asked what he wanted and he said “I want to support you.” So I reiterated there was nothing wrong with an opinion of his own and that I wasn’t requesting monetary support or anything. Still, he just wanted to support me. Okay! Nice what a stand up guy. THEN his ex girlfriend hits me up. Jake thought he could date the both of us at the same time.I called him and understandably was furious- but because of the pregnancy I was willing to overlook the cheating if he got rid of Jenny. (Jennifer Lasensky- don’t worry she’s got her own page too because she was adamant she had every right to sleep with a man in a relationship.) He said he would. Liar- obviously, my bad- how naive of me to believe that. A couple weeks later we get back from our vacay to Guadeloupe. We had a great time. Or so I thought. Apparently, Jenny found out about the pregnancy, sent him a couple text messages, and Jake broke up with me on the spot. He was dead serious that if I didn’t get rid of the baby he was going to take custody from me. I don’t like being threatened, so we part ways.

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