Erica Berry – Hollis, Maine

Erica Berry, where do I begin? She is married with 3 kids. Her two young sons played for a new football team this year and she got really friendly with their coach! She met the coach over the summer when he would umpire her boys baseball games. He “recruited” her boys to play for him on the team he coached that his son was also on! Did I mention his wife was also in attendance for practices and games as these two were having an emotional affair that quickly turned physical and all sorts of f*cked up? His wife felt something was off with the dirty looks Erica would give her and how much attention cuckolding coach Ryan would pay to her two boys over even his own son.

Ryan was telling his wife he loved her and how they would work through all of their problems while seeing Erica and texting with her behind his wife’s back. One day after a fight Ryan just left his family and lied about where he went to live. He would still pick his son up at school and for practice and then one day he had Erica’s boys in the car (his wife’s car that he ran into the ground before giving it back so he could trade the car she had been driving in for a brand new SUV). His wife knew it was off even though he had given rides to other kids before. Something stood out about this skank.

Within a day the sleazy coach admitted in the most f*cked up way that he was seeing this woman but the wife had to laugh because this bitch is married too! She also looks like a llama and has an extremely oddly shaped body. She tries to look good, but with the 15 pounds of make up and cheap clothes it just doesn’t work. Coach tried to get her some new stuff, but you can’t buy style. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

So, this all came out when Erica’s husband got suspicious of all the messages between her and the coach. He decided to do a little snooping and found them saying “I love you” in their messages. That was when they separated. From then on you would see Cuckolding Coach Ryan and his easy to get with married girlfriend out in public as a f*cked up pretend family. He would be seen carrying her very young daughter around and the small town community became lit up with gossip. If there’s one thing that outrages a small town, it’s adultery. They made it easy by making out at sporting events. Coach would have Easy right up against the fence at varsity games like no one would see? His car was at her house most nights. Her boys were overheard telling other kids that coach Ryan was going to be their new dad now.

You may be wondering where his son comes into play here? Well, once coach switched families he made his mistresses sons captains of the team and stopped speaking to his own son. He was this boys stepfather, but had been the only man in his life since losing his own dad when he was 6. He had more memories and time with Ryan than he did his biological dad, so this situation affected him greatly. He didn’t want to be part of a new family and wanted one on one time, but Ryan has been much too busy coaching and playing daddy to Erica Lynn Berry’s kids. You can see these two schlepping around town at the grocery store, the local diner where Ryan used to go with his wife. They have no shame and walk around like they aren’t scum bags. Ryan’s wife is also a total dime piece compared to lumpy dumpy looking Erica. Erica is younger than her, but manages to look at least 10 years older while the wife is always told she looks like she’s still in her 20’s! What the f*ck is this man even thinking?

Everyone in the community hates these two and has no respect for them as parents. Erica once had a good image but now is known and seen as a home wrecker and a whore who breaks up families. The man she was sleeping with before the coach was a coworker who had a baby on the way. Ryan has left his wife who was a house wife and cut off most support to her and her son. Yet he can buy Erica birthday gifts, MK sunglasses, new clothes for her and her kids at H&M and have flowers sent to her. Her complaint in her marriage was that her husband didn’t buy her enough stuff so this situation with the disabled veteran spending his disability is a dream come true. She also complained that her husband had to work too much to maintain her lifestyle of leased cars and ugly clothes. So she will love having a man who doesn’t have to work.

She doesn’t know Ryan still will text his wife and talk about missing his old life. His wife will straight trash all over Erica, but Ryan never sticks up for her. It’s because he knows he downgraded so hard that even he won’t try to deny it.


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