Edward Mott – Arizona

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For most people when we do an act that hurts someone else, we feel guilt, remorse, shame. Ed does not experience these same emotions. He only feels regret when his actions have affected or damaged him in some way. Ed knows the proper response and will say I’m sorry, but he’s not sorry for the pain that he has caused you he’s just sorry that he has to deal with your response. He also hopes that by saying sorry it will quiet you so he doesn’t have to hear you bring up the things he has done. Edward has no desire to change anything or anyone he does. Most of the time when you do confront Edward he will Direct his anger back on you you then become crazy, mean ,a liar, he’s excellent at deflecting blame, changing the subject begging your fake forgiveness, or complimenting you. Other people are just instruments that he uses for his comforts, or to receive attention. Eddie has learned how to mimic emotions but as you get to know him you’ll see that something seems off. Even his apologies have something wrong with them. He is only capable of thinking about himself and what is best for him. You’re just collateral damage. When you complain too loudly then you become the problem and easily dealt with. There’s a never-ending Supply a female attention because age sex looks nothing matters except that you meets the criteria. Eddy’s standards are low. Betrayal means nothing because you deserve it, there will always be some reason to make what he’s done okay. His actions are painful, hurtful and cruel if you think you’re going to be good enough to change him think again.

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