Dena Marion Blaszczyk – Chicago, illinois

8* 0*0*8 w. 100th st apt number 2 Dena Blaszczyk is not only a terrible friend but as it turns out she is a horrific person. I am ashamed to have been friends with her for a brief moment in time. 7***0**8***6***3***8****6*****9****8***1. I am not certain as to why she is so careless and heartless . yes she is good to her sister Jennys kids and she can pretend to be a good individual all day but I know and heard her speak with utter disgust and pure jealousy regarding the woman who was with the man she is sleeping with Tony Medina. Initially I didn’t think much of her hateful words.. “just girl talk” but damn bitch today was too much. I am here on this page calling you out because some has to. glad you are happy but the way you went about that sh1t and the sh1t you say it wrong..,.. and honest good luck if you think that guy will be good to you. he fu**ed you over a few times already… more to come


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