Chandra Sakata — Kailua, Hawaii

This woman Chandra Sakata re-entered my husband’s life in 2012. See, my husband and I were together 6 years already, we knew everything about each other’s past. This was his first girlfriend he ever had. During that year (2012), it was a rocky time for us. I won’t go into details. Slowly but surely my husband started to drift his attention away from me. He would be on his phone or laptop more often. One day as he left for work, his laptop was still on and open. I opened the web browser and from here is when I had uncovered what he was hiding. He had made a fake phone number using Google voice. There were 5 days worth of text messages going back and forth between them. Pictures too!!! She sent slutty exposing pictures and he sent ones with him trying to flex. It made me disgusted with him. I took all those pictures of Chandra Sakata and posted them around Facebook and Instagram but the fake profiles were deleted. Not sure if they were permanently deleted off the web though. Anyway, I confronted him over the phone, since he was at work at that time. I did not give two flying fucks if he was at work, I made him stay on the phone with me for a good two hours and forced him to explain. I cried, I yelled and then I cried some more. After the conversation ended, I confronted her. I used the number he created to text her. Told her who I was, how long we have been together, we are currently living together and to please leave us alone. It was a message written as woman to woman. She did nothing wrong to me, yet. Usually an educated person would realize they did something wrong and apologize. Not this loose floozy. She blamed me. Told me it was my fault for allowing him to do this. Huh? I had no idea up until that moment. Suspicions sure, but there was no way I knew. I told her to give it up, there was no way he would leave me over some woman he reunited with for a few days. This made her furious. She started threatening to kill me. To which I replied would never happen because my husband would end her life before she ever came close. She started telling me she was going to hunt me down just for running my mouth. Oh I loved a challenge! Now I’m not crazy but I sure as hell can be. Moving forward with the story… I left our house we shared. Went back to my parents house. I needed time to rediscover and love myself. Fast forward to 7 months later. He was constantly begging for me back the entire time. I refused to speak with him. Until one day, I gave in. I went to go see him and he was literally a mess. He apologized for everything and he was so sorry that he didn’t realize sooner that he had everything right infront of him. So she wrecked our home for a little while. Our love is too strong to be torn down. But of course, her words kinda stuck with me. Hunt me down? During those 7 months I constantly called her phone. A girl would pick up and say this isn’t Chandra then hang up and never answer again. Or pick up, I would ask if she knows Chucky (my husband) she would say no and hang up. The phone number eventually changed. Fast forward to 2016, last year. I figured I’m still going to find this bitch one way or another. It was like she disappeared into thin air. I finally went through court records and BAM! She was arrested in 2014 and serving 10 years as we speak. Her release date is set for 02/10/2024. Offender ID: A6033816 You may look her up for free on (WWW.VINELINK.COM). She is currently in the Women’s Correctional Facility on Oahu. Her records show drug addictions and elderly abuse. What blows my mind is that with my past I could’ve easily ended up where she is! My husband is my saviour. There was a time in my life where I was throwing my life away. He saved me. Took me under his wing and showed me what life is like without hard drugs. He gave me a different high to be on, true love. It was me and him for awhile until life kicked in and we had our rough patch. My point is he chose me above all. He chose to have a life with me. We just celebrated our 11 year anniversary in 2017. We will continue our life journey, together. While this chick will rot in jail for the next 7 years from now 


 I put her location in Kailua because that is where the prison is, she is known to frequent the entire island of Oahu. BOOM B*TCH, WHO FOUND WHO NOW?!


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