Ayla Croft – Key West, Florida

AYLA CROFT AKA MARIA ELISE CARRINGTON Let’s start this message by defining exactly what a good person is. A good person is not a selfish person. A good person is not a saint. A good person is someone who thinks about their own needs and comfort as much as they think about others. A good person is not someone who helps you with money. It is someone who stands by you in your difficult times. With that being said the following person could be labeled as a shitty excuse for a woman. With the actions she has done I’d say she is just down right rotten to the core. You CANNOT burden someone else the responsibilities of your child and run wild doing everything first besides being a mother. You CAN’T get beyond intoxicated and think for one second it’s okay to place your child in that same vehicle as you turn it on and play with both your lives. You CAN’T take the money from your deceased child and pretend it’s from your accomplishments. You CAN’T drive drunk into busses and allow LIFEFLIGHT to transport your child to the nearest hospital. You CAN’T pretend to be a positive uplifting person on social media then turn around and send messages to other ppl laughing at their suicidal thoughts or depression. You don’t encourage them! You CAN’T talk and flirt with married men then laugh in the faces of the family members just so you can gain attention. Doesn’t matter how hard you play dollhouse on social media…. Shit is shit no matter how much you throw glitter on it, it will ALWAYS be shit!!!!!


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