Aubrey Claire – Florida

Aubrey Wuthrich pill head, thief, identity thief, cheater, liar, HIV positive. Criminal on the run with her father that she con’s with. Search “Marc Wuthrich mugshot”. Aubrey already found a new “boyfriend aka a host”. They stole my identity and the identity of their elderly family.
She is GREAT at lying and manipulating. Look at her underpants and see how they are stained with either period blood, or wet poop. She does not wash herself most days. She just uses makeup to cover up her woe’s.
Please warn people, tell law enforcement, she might be serving for work at a restaurant near you. She has a whole G drive with Google of debit cards that she buys senseless things on to sell on amazon. I know I gave the evidence she left to the FBI! So smart she is, she thinks she is ABOVE the law. Once she drains your bank account. She will frame you for a crime and dump you! Ask Coldin Buracker in Colorado.
He warned me about their crimes and saved my life. She will pretend to “fix your credit”. She has chosen to use only HER name for a bitcoin account (where criminals hide their money).
Do not put your house up on the market. She has boyfriends and sugar daddies not he side. She causes drama 24/7 as a manipulation tactic. She is an energy vampire and quit high school since a teacher saw she had a locker full of “trophies” aka blood and cum filled condoms she kept in there.
I could not understand why every person in school would call her a slut. That isn’t fair just because she wears daisy dukes and low-cut shirts!!! But she slept with her best friend since kindergarten’s boyfriend of 5 years!!! She will try to get your empathy with fake suicide attempts.
Aubrey Wuthrich will lie and say she has “no one but you”. She will pretend she cannot work, since she would rather scam YOUR money.
If she cared, and she was TRULY a victim. She would turn her Dad in for identity theft of his own Mother (her grandma who is 75!! And their grandad/father is 88!). Aubrey and Marc have left their elderly parents/grandparents HOMELESS and in debt!!! Since they asked them to sell their home to the BANK!!! But she needs her Daddy for money. She controls her disbarred criminal lawyer Daddy Marc Wuthrich.


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