Ana Price Masters – Mount Vernon, Ohio

This nasty infested wh*re has the aids she has been sick with this for years and fails to tell victims which is a felony. She has 4 kids and has custody of none of them, her mom raises her oldest daughter and her mom allows her to bring men and drugs into her home and her mom’s on government assistance. Ana gets food stamps for her other kids that she lied to the job and family about and sells them for drugs if she can’t sleep with married men to get money. I found her nasty green and brown stained panties in my house, she worked at the factory here in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She slept with my husband, she has made comments about my kids and abused my daughter, please share this so no one else suffers, she has stolen from my home. My husband is now positive for HIV. This is the nastiest bitch in the world she lives with her mom. She is 31 but looks 42. The HIV is killing her. She isn’t supposed to be at her mom’s. She is court order away from her daughter. Please share and allow authority and cps to know she is disgusting. Watch your husbands, lock up your houses.


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