Tyrell Minger – ohio

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Tyrell minger aka lynk da bully or drippy lynk in cleveland ohio whatever the hell. This guy needs to be exposed he needs to be stopped he is a very big liar and con artist he state hops mooches off people makes fake businesses scamming people and beats women up not to mention will sleep with anybody he claims to have 3 kids in 6 months lies this man will play victim for anybody to feel sorry for him when he is the con artist he post things all over his page to humilate others most of it’s lies but the truth is he is a std carrying sleeping with thousands of people getting multiple people pregnant only to not help out and go jump in thousands of other beds spreading disease from Alaska to Ohio to south Carolina this man is a menace who has a long wrap sheet be careful he steals he lies so much if you confront him he will try to publicly humiliate you he has bumps all over his stuff and he will ruin your life. He lies so much for sympathy he doesn’t care who he has to manipulate

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